Sunday, 3 June 2012

The Netball Wars

Hi guys! Sorry for the quietness again but I've prepared a little behind the scenes, so to speak, for The Netball Wars for you. Hope you enjoy it!

Becky xxx

The Netball Wars is the second book in the St Abelard’s series. As Caught Red-Handed introduced the reader to only four characters, the next story had to include much more of the school – not only a wider range of characters but it had to give the reader a taste of school life.

The Netball Wars is my favourite story because it is the most autobiographical. I didn’t have to dig very deep to recall a panoply of memories involving rivalry on the netball court, devising various ways to put the opposing team at a disadvantage and last but not least … those dreaded gym knickers.

It was actually that naughty Penny (Miss Hasler) who told me that some people have a fetish about gym knickers. Now, I’m far too innocent and naïve to know anything about school fetishes (nudge, nudge, wink, wink!) but, tis true, I was unaware of that one.

As in St Abelard’s, my school’s rule was that your house colour dictated the colour of your gym knickers - my colour was yellow. My school must have had a huge stash of multi-coloured burlap sacks hidden somewhere and a squadron of grandmas that made them into knickers because the material was so coarse that you had to sometimes slip a hand up the back of your gym skirt and rub your bottom better. I writhe while I recall that if you rubbed especially hard, there would be ribbed lines imprinted on your bottom when you took the knickers off, ooh!

In a way, the gym knickers would have been a great leveller amongst the students – we were all equally humiliated and repelled by them – if everyone had worn them, that is! If there was one way that you could distinguish the good girls from the bad ones was that the latter would not bother wearing them. I was a good girl (usually) but on one occasion, for a dare, I didn’t wear mine and (typically) I was found out and (shock, horror!) I was given a detention for it: I had to write fifty lines saying that “I will wear the correct PE kit”. This particular episode will be relived by an unfortunate St Abelard’s student and she will suffer the same fate as her poor author... she’ll also have a very sore bottom to show for her punishment as well!

House rivalry was a big part of my school life. Competitiveness was drilled into us from day one and especially in sports. As tradition dictates, our school’s pride lay in the hands of the netball and hockey teams. Hockey is a vicious game so I gravitated towards netball and, seeing as I’m 6”0, I was the GS (Goal Shooter).

The Netball Wars carries on directly from where Caught Red-Handed finishes. The protagonists from the first book, Kate and Robyn, break friends because they both miss a pivotal netball match due to a second detention for the indiscretions committed in book one. Kate is in Boleyn house while Robyn is an Earhart girl. Robyn is hurt that Kate has not apologised to her – after all, the contraband cigarettes they snuck back to the detention room for were Kate’s, not hers.

This sparks a War of the Houses - it’s Earhart Vs Boleyn and they are fighting for victory on the netball court and by any means necessary.

Robyn waited for her moment. It arrived when Mrs Hoover turned to evaluate Faye Brenner’s work. Robyn took the bread knife from her work top and plunged it into the heart of her own soufflé before letting out a scream that would have woken the dead.

“Miss!” she wailed, bursting into fake tears. “Kate’s just burst my soufflé!”

Kate’s jaw hung open. She could not believe that Robyn had just done that! She was so shocked, in fact, that she could not even utter a word in her defence before the outraged teacher had taken ten points from Boleyn and bent the shocked Miss Houston over her knee to teach her a painful lesson with the back of a wooden spoon.

“I’ll teach you to spoil other people’s baking, young lady!” Mrs Hoover scolded, stinging Kate’s squirming bottom with painful swats. “You will apologise to Robyn this instant!”

“Ow! But, Miss!” Kate pleaded.

“No buts!” the strict teacher snapped, her rebuke emphasised with a brace of hard thwacks to the backs of Kate’s thighs. “You will say you’re sorry this instant or I’ll deduct another ten points from Boleyn and set you five hundred lines in detention tonight!”

Kate frowned. She knew that she was innocent but Robyn’s dirty trick had already cost Boleyn ten points and she couldn’t let another ten be lost. From her highly undignified position, with her nose nearly touching the floor and her bottom raised high, she looked up at Robyn. Her ex-friend was doing her best to hide the triumphant grin that was twitching at the corners of her mouth.


The rivalry between the houses reaches fever point and, on the day of the final, events boil over into anarchy. Of course, it is down to the ruthless Matron Frost and the strict PE teacher Miss Trent to restore calm and to punish the miscreants responsible. As they lie over the vaulting horses and receive their bare-bottom spankings, frenemies Kate and Robyn forgive each other for all the terrible pranks they’ve played on each other.

There is an added surprise at the end of the story - an issue which will be explored further in later stories - but, if you can’t wait to find out what it is … you’ll just have to march your naughty little bottom off to Amazon and buy my book, won’t you? ;op

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Britney Vs Alicia

You know how during those nights when neither you nor your partner can sleep you talk about some really bizarre subjects? Well, last night, mine and my bf's first topic of convo was Britney Spears' school uniform in Hit Me Baby One More Time. This won't come as a surprise to any of you but Miss Sharpe does sometimes indulge in a bit of detention role play, ooh!

Anyway, BF said he liked the grey school uniform because context turns it from being quite a frumpy ensemble into something sexy. I could see his point but, would he think that if she hadn't had long socks, pigtails and her shirt tied up?

Second odd topic: BF asked me, if I had to pick a girl to spank / be spanked by, who would it be?

I thought long and hard on the subject and tried to think which women I find attractive. FYI - I am straight but after careful consideration, I decided upon Alicia Silverstone when she was in Clueless. That was my favourite film when I was in high school and at the time, everyone wanted to be her. BF approved of my answer and told me that Alicia Silverstone did a school girl-esque video for Aerosmith.

This got me thinking, who is the better music video (actually-to-old-to-be-a) school girl?


or Alicia?

Monday, 14 May 2012

Victorian School: Schooling As It Used To Be

Hi guys!

Apologies for the lack of posts - I had a killer week in work but I did finally finish Book 4 of The Girls of St Abelard's (drum roll please ...)

The strict discipline at St Abelard’s ensures that its pupils know a thing or two about corporal punishment. And when a pair of naughty boys from a nearby school sneak in to watch a group of Third Years change after gym class, the outraged girls waste no time in putting that knowledge to good use! Find out just what humiliating, painful punishments the peeping toms are subjected to in The Girls of St Abelard’s, Book 4: Spanking the Spies!

Alas, it's not quite ready to go out yet but I'll keep you posted!

How schooling has changed over the years is a subject that has always fascinated me. Even though I finished high school in 2001 I've always had a yearning for the school days of yore, probably from massive over-exposure to Enid Blyton as a child. I do wish I lived in an Enid Blyton-verse and this has definitely fed into St Abelard's. High school was such a bubble for me that I really think I would've suited boarding school life. I'm an only child as well so I would have loved that sort of camaraderie with my friends.

An interesting thing I found on one of my internet wanders is this blog -

The descriptions of certain punishments are interesting but, honestly, the comments are brilliant! I love hearing about other people's school memories and some of the comments do tell some cute and funny tales but if you keep reading, it just descends into an utter bitch-fest - it's hilarious! If you're stuck for a laugh today and, like me, you like to point and laugh at rampant online bitchiness between complete strangers then this is the blog for you!

Back soon,

Love, Becky xxx

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Caught Red-Handed

The physical act of writing about my work is always interesting – it makes me more self aware - and writing saucy, kinky and downright naughty fiction makes me think about my own private fantasies and fetishes. I had contemplated writing a school series but I couldn’t decide upon a first story. I had put into place certain crucial factors, what the school was to be called and the house names, but I needed a good plot to get the proverbial ball rolling.

Caught Red-Handed centres around two wayward young ladies - Kate Houston and Robyn Kelly – who sneak back to the detention room after everyone has gone to bed. 

There was nothing particularly unusual about either Kate or Robyn earning a detention, but this one threatened to have repercussions beyond the usual pair of thoroughly sore bottoms. In her haste to get back to her dorm, Kate had absent-mindedly left her blazer in the detention room and inside one of its pockets was a pack of cigarettes.

Kate would be sure to receive a fearful caning if they were discovered. Worse still, she would be sent to the Headmistress and in all likelihood suspended from school. She couldn’t let that happen because then her parents would find out about both her smoking and her shameful record of detentions and punishments, and then she really would be for the high jump.

“I thought we were done for, then!” Robyn whispered, breathing a deep sigh of relief as the yellow beam of torchlight disappeared down another corridor. It was Friday night and that could only mean one thing: the Headmistress was patrolling the corridors, searching for students mischievous or foolish enough to be out of bed after hours.

Kate had been caught like that once before and had received a bare bottom paddling in front of the whole school during assembly as punishment. Her pretty face flamed as she recalled the most humiliating moment of her life. Fear of a repeat was why she had begged Robyn to come with her and act as lookout while she retrieved her cigarettes. She could not believe she had been so careless as to leave them!

It was while watching Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (sorry to any American readers but I refuse to call it the Sorcerer’s Stone) that inspiration struck. As Harry (secreted under his Invisibility Cloak) enters the Restricted Section of the library, it occurred that I should start the St Abelard’s series focusing upon one or two specific characters and then zoom out to get a broader view of the school and its students in later stories. Like Harry, the girls should be sneaking around the school after hours but it must not be for a noble cause like young Mr Potter. At St Abelard’s being out of bed after hours always means that there is mischief afoot!

Unbeknownst to Kate and Robyn, Matron Frost is lying in wait to catch them red-handed. Matron Frost is the living embodiment of the school’s motto (qui bene amat, bene castigat (‘spare the rod, spoil the child’) and, after giving the girls a severe dressing down, she orders them to lift up their nightdresses and bend over the desks. With her favourite rattan cane, Matron Frost adheres to school policy and gives the two reprobates a jolly good thrashing! But when the strict Matron humiliates them further by making the girls spank each other, things really get out of control!

Everyone, at some point in their school life, has encountered a teacher who relishes giving out detentions and scolding to tears anyone who puts a foot wrong. As anyone who went to an all-girls school will testify, this particular breed of teacher seems to gravitate towards single sex schools.

At the moment, Matron Frost is the most developed character in my mind. Before the story has even started, she has found the contraband cigarettes and is waiting for Kate and Robyn to return to the scene of the crime. I also wanted to subvert the traditional idea of a ‘matron’: my Matron is anything but the stout, curmudgeonly old frump that one usually expects a matron to be. Not only is she a mere decade older than the senior girls, she is devious, vampy and has a deliciously vicious streak. Going back to the Harry Potter reference – she is like a sexy, female Professor Snape.

Now, I’m going to share a little secret with you. Hopefully some of you will agree with me on this but I can imagine that others might not … Alan Rickman is a bit of a guilty pleasure of mine. No offence to the mighty Mr Rickman, I don’t fancy him physically but his voice drives me wild. I haven’t ranked people by the sexiness of their voice but Alan Rickman would definitely be in my top ten. That voice has everything - the calculating, commanding coldness of an evil mastermind, a fabulously clipped RP accent and an arrogance that dares you to defy him. In some of his roles he has terrified me but that is part and parcel of his allure. He never rushes a sentence – he savours it, languishes over it … just like he would savour and languish over telling me how naughty I’d been and just how he was going to discipline me … mmm. Anyway, I digress. Matron Frost. She has to be the female version of that.

I have a real soft spot for the beloved Sweet Valley High books of my teenage years but they do fall foul of one of the biggest literary pitfalls - the cliché. A new character would arrive in the world of SVH and be heavily involved in the lives of the twins in one book and then they are never heard from again. Granted there are a multitude of pupils in a high school but the fact that characters seemed to disappear off the Sweet Valley planet used to annoy me. To avoid this, I’ve made registers for each house in each year. There are four houses, three year groups and three hundred pupils, so therefore twenty five girls per form. Technically, in Caught Red-Handed, I specified that there are over three hundred girls in the school in case I wanted to expel any particularly naughty pupils to set an example to the rest.

For those of you who have read Caught Red-Handed, I would love to hear some feedback on my stories so feel free to tell me your thoughts about it. Or if you would like to read any of my stories, I’ve put a crafty little page on my blog that links to my books on Amazon. Or, if anyone wants to comfort me and tell me I’m not alone in my penchant for a certain afore-mentioned actor … that’s fine too!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, all this talk of Alan Rickman has made me grab my Sense and Sensibility DVD, so I shall bid you adieu …

Wednesday, 2 May 2012


As an extra little treat for those girls and boys that have looked at my blog, I will share a little internet find with you! Just when I was started to get a little irked with the 'Keep Calm And ... blah, blah, blah' band wagon (based upon a WWII poster here in Britain) ... I stumbled across this website to make your own images!

Now, if I were myself a student at St Abelard's, I'm sure this would earn me a trip over Matron Frost's knee, but I made a few pictures of my own!

Here are just a few examples. Ooh, and should foxy Miss Hasler read this before she checks her email ... I sent you a little related present, honey!

Becky xxx

Sunday, 29 April 2012

My First Time

Hi, my name's Becky Sharpe and, as you may have guessed from the title, I'm a blog virgin!

I hadn't thought of doing a blog until my co-conspirator Penny Hasler told me about Naughty Little Writer and I knew that a St Abelard's blog was the only way to go!

For those of you who are new to St Abelard's ... it's an all girls's finishing school for Hertfordshire's wealthiest young ladies. Well, for Hertfordshire's naughtiest young ladies. The good girls go to St Grace's while the girls sorely in need of correction go to St Abelard's. Students are aged from sixteen to nineteen and are separated into four houses: Earhart, Nightingale, Roosevelt and Boleyn.

The idea for the stories came about when I was moving to my new flat and I found some of my old school diaries as I was unpacking. At the time, I was working on Spank! - my first tantalising bite of the forbidden fruit that is spanking fiction - and as I read some of my diary entries, the idea for St Abelard's exploded in my mind. High school life was such a bubble for me that I loved the idea of revisiting it and revamping it! I didn't go to a finishing school but I did go to an all girls high school and ... I did blush to recall some of the naughtier antics that my friends and I got up to!

I often think that if the fictional universe of a story isn't convincing then you can't lose yourself in reading, and that is one of the biggest pleasures that reading offers. So, I built from the ground up. There is a school crest, a motto, a rival school and each house has a colour. As it did in my school, the colour of your gym knickers was determined by your house. My colour was yellow and I know that some people are really turned on by gym knickers but they really do itch! The school sport is netball (as it was in mine!) I was GS (Goal Shooter) for my house team and for the school team. That's why 'The Netball Wars' is my favourite book so far because it's the most autobiographical!

So far there are three stories published: Caught Red-Handed, The Netball Wars and School Trip Shenanigans!

The fourth book 'Spanking The Spies' is almost ready but I'll keep you posted!

Well, that was it ... my first blog! I hope you've enjoyed reading my post and I promise to be a good little girl and keep you updated with all things new and naughty in the world of St Abelard's!

If anybody wants to keep me company on here and say what they think of St Abelard's or my other books or just say a cheeky little hello, then don't be shy!

Becky xxx